search. . . And that rainforest used to be the habitat of countless creatures, including the Blue Macaw Parrot. .

Blue parrot extinct

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The blue macaw is a beautiful bird, and it is no wonder that it Is so popular. Brilliantly colored plumage makes the blue-throated macaw, a member of the parrot family and one of at least 17.

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Also known as the Caninde macaw, Waglers macaw or locally as barba azul, or blue beard in Spanish this. . 539. Sep 5, 2018 The findings reveal a worrying new trend for the first time, mainland extinctions are outpacing island extinctions. In 2019, the Spixs macaws were declared extinct in nature. . The Hyacinth macaw is very.

The kakapo is endemic to New Zealand where its population is highly threatened by massive deforestation.

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Sep 10, 2018 Published on September 10, 2018 0450 PM.

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