Wringing pigeons' necks, plucking and cleaning, were. They taunt and deride him, whereof three samples are again given. to interpose a demurrer. For example one of our sources are articles on Wikipedia that are classified as at least Good articles. 36.

Demur in a sentence

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A sentence to remember this better-The defying murmur in the audience rose to a demur against the managers suggestion. .

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Wringing pigeons' necks, plucking and cleaning, were.

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. . . Examples of demur in a sentence. What I am nobody and worthless I demur at your words , brat short man interrupts. "Managers rarely recognize a crucial reason" is signified by "Modicum of tolerance". Synonyms.

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Pay attention to the context of the sentence to determine which word is appropriate.

basme za ljubav(dmr) (verb -murred, -murring) intransitive verb. chenle korean name

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Demur sentences Collins English Sentences.

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to express disagreement or refuse to do something 2.

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