ApplyURI (uri). SetServerAPIOptions (serverAPIOptions) StableAPIStrictExample is an example of creating a client with strict stable API. Apr 20, 2020 In order to use it, we also need to be using the database as well. mongosh Methods.

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gt selects those documents where the value of the field is greater than (i.

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I want to do wildcard search in records with firstname in mongodb using go mongodb driver. Example 4 Greater Than or Less Than.

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Connect function.

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ApplyURI. . I&39;ve got this simple function func (e EventService) GetEmployeeEventsBetween (employeeID string, start, end int64) (Event, error) var retrivedEvents Event if err e. 2. . Matches any of the values specified in an array.

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In Mongo Shell your pagination code looks something like this.

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Feb 16, 2023 Connect Go driver with MongoDB.

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Connect function.

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Example 4 Greater Than or Less Than.

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Contribute to mongodbmongo-go-driver development by creating an account on GitHub.

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