Died Circa 570 BC tr. 570 bce), Greek lyric poet greatly admired in all ages for the beauty of her writing style. By Marguerite Johnson. .

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Ellen Greene Although most contemporary scholars are in agreement that Sapphos verse appropriates themes and poetic conventions employed by both Homer and male lyric poets, there is considerable disagreement about the extent to which Sapphos extant poetry ought to be.

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There are really very few things we can say with certainty about her life. By Marguerite Johnson.

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There are really very few things we can say with certainty about her life. . p; Aeolic Greek Pspph; c. This is Mika Westwolf, a 22-year-old Indigenous woman On March 31, she was killed when an alleged white nationalist ran her over on the side of a highway Her killer is not currently facing any charges for killing Mika Mika matters This is her story . A legend from Ovid suggests that she threw herself from a cliff when her heart was broken by Phaon, a young sailor, and died at an early age. Sappho" "She that fain would fly, she shall quickly follow,.

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Anne Carson; If Not, Winter Fragments of Sappho (Vintage, 2002) from Carsons note.

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People throughout antiquity well knew and greatly admired the bulk, now lost, but her immense reputation endured.

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There are really very few things we can say with certainty about her life.

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In ancient times, she was considered one of the greatest lyric poets and was granted monikers like "Tenth Muse" and "The Poetess".

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630 c.

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