RT midwitlife I would be offended but I'm on my second liquidity lock contract upload and I still can't get etherscan to verify it. - Etherscan. 6K subscribers in the etherscan community. See how you can check if a dev has locked liquidity of a crypto project. .

How to check if liquidity is locked etherscan

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. For example, if the token is on the Binance Smart Chain Network, youd have to go to bscscan.

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2 Check for the tokens address in a Google search.

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This will generate a folder named "multisol-yourcontract" that can be used to verify the source code on Etherscan for a deployed instance of YourContract. so this is fair enough. To try out Etherscan verification, you first need to deploy a contract to an Ethereum network that's supported by Etherscan, such as Ropsten. The remaining 0. Step 2) View of Lock event happening. Afraid no, removing liquidity from a Uniswap v2 pair calls the transfer function of both tokens, and the nah's transfer function implementation has this code. .

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Step 3) Lock event contains unlockDate parameter.

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