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If both parents are 5 5 how tall will i be

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Step 1 Take a parent's height and convert it (both mother and fathers height) into inches.

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Divide the remaining number by two. Units. . Males usually stop g. . 5)2. This can make a girl feel awkward, especially when it comes time to be paired up, like at a school dance.

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kodak mini shot 2 reviewMy grandfather is 6&39;7", his wife was 5 foot 6, 3 of his children were 5&39;7" -5&39;9" and one of his sons was 6&39;6". midwest emo lyrics

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Heredity is a funny thing, obviously there are tall genes somewhere in your family.

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5 inches if a boy or subtracts 2.

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For Boys (Farther's Height in inchesMonther's Height in inches2.

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