750 torr 100 Pa. . First approximate the pressure altitude PA h P a (1013. Actual barometric pressure values vary not only with altitude, but also vary with geographic location and weather conditions. .

Mbar to altitude

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At 5,500 m above sea level, the atmospheric pressure is only half as high on average.

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26436 Pa. 25 hPa, 1013.

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At sea level, standard air pressure in millibars is 1013.

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01 millibar, or 0. 01 mbar. hPa. 00198 4858) 5. . hPa. 25 pounds per square.

4335 psi feet of head to pounds per square inch 1 bar 10.

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25577 10-5 (10000 m))5.

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25 hPa), which is equivalent to 1,013.

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ATM (standard atmosphere) PSIG negative gauge.

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The hectopascal or millibar is the preferred unit for recording and predicting.

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And since air is denser at sea level than at higher altitudes, you can understand that the air pressure decreases as the altitude increases.

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