5X2. One must suspect of WT if multiple or bilateral masses are seen on parotid (Fig. National Center for Biotechnology Information. Also note the small extension of the lesion into the deep lobe of parotid gland (black arrow).

T2 hyperintense lesion parotid gland

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T2-weightedandTIRMcharacteris-ticswerereportedaslow(hypointense)whentheSIofthetumorwas lower than that of parotid tissue, moderate (hyperintense) when the SI was equal to or brighter than that of normal parotid tissue, and strong (highly hyperintense) when the SI was closer to that of water.

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They are the most common bilateral or multifocal benign parotid tumor.

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A radiolucent, multilocular lesion with clear boundaries was evident in the area of the left angle and ramus of the mandible. Axial & coronal T2, non-fat saturation. . Most skin cancer metastases that affect the parotid gland spread from cancerous lesions on the head and face. 5X3. irradiation.

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Apr 18, 2021 There was a presence of T2 intermediate to hyperintense signal with scattered T1T2 hyperintense cysts.

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Supranuclear lesions can be evaluated with standard brain MRI, whereas nuclear lesions may require addition of a high-resolution T2-weighted sequence through the brainstem.

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18F-FDG PET CT scan (Fig.

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