The series predominantly consists of clips recycled from previous episodes but features some new content. The series focuses on the misadventures of Gumball Watterson. Season 2 premiered on December 3, 2012. The.

The amazing world of gumball season 3

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5 Jun.

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Dec 31, 2013 The Amazing World of Gumball. Gumball is learning a lot about life.

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. February 17th, 2021. From their crazy and unique classmates to the simple everyday problems Gumball finds himself in (who here hasnt been chased by a rampaging T-Rex). The third season of the British-American animated sitcom The Amazing World. Hes got a crush on Penny, a peanut with antlers. Yup, everything looks perfectly normal here.

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The second season of the British-American animated television series The Amazing World of Gumball, created by Ben Bocquelet, originally aired on Cartoon Network in the United States, and was produced by Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe.

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Accompanied by Darwin, he frequently finds himself involved in shenanigans around the city.

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Hes chased around school by a T-Rex.

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The third season of the British-American animated comedy series The Amazing World of Gumball premiered on June 5, 2014 in the United States and September 14, 2014 in the.

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