Find more prominent pieces of genre painting at Wikiart. S. Renoir gives us the impression of surprising a conversation as if in a snapshot, he catches the glances turned towards the man seen from the back. Apr 13, 2023 The Swing, oil painting created about 1767 by French artist Jean-Honor Fragonard.

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An icon of the Rococo art movement, this masterpiece stars.

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Jean-Honor Fragonards The Swing has become even more saucy and titillating.

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1767-1768) by Jean-Honor&233; Fragonard is a famous Rococo painting depicting a woman on a swing, seemingly wild and carefree, but if you are. . . A young man seen from the back is talking to a young woman standing on a swing, watched by a little girl and another man, leaning against the trunk of a tree. . The Swing (La Balanoire) was created in 1876 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in Impressionism style.

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