Peeps is slang for people, and you say it to also refer to friendscommunity. Of a kind, especially a mediocre or somewhat different kind. Savage is similar to the sick and beast terms that began as negative terms but. . sort out - Jamaican slang,verb, meaning to satisfy sexually; may be extended to mean to have sex with.

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sort out - Jamaican slang,verb, meaning to satisfy sexually; may be extended to mean to have sex with.

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a sorted list of numbers (informal, usually with out) In good order,.

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It is commonly used as a way to praise someone for their accomplishments or to express admiration for something they have done. Military Slang, Military, Slang.

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The meaning of SORT is a group set up on the basis of any characteristic in common class, kind. GOAT Meaning. Example 2 Ooh did you see that chick last night at the cafe, she was well Sort. What words qualify as slang Should slang be acknowledged as a language in itself And what does the digital revolution mean for the future of slang In this Very Short Introduction, Jonathon Green addresses these questions, considering the etymology, dating, and spelling of the words that have invaded and shaped the English. . Also, of a sort. argot.

Dub is a slang term that means to ignore someone.

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an informal nonstandard vocabulary composed typically of coinages,.

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What does SORTS mean as an abbreviation 14 popular meanings of SORTS abbreviation 37 Categories.

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