. . . To put it simply, if you put in the same exact amount of work as someone with amazing genes, that person will see far better results than you.

What to do if you have bad genetics for bodybuilding

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FullFatMilk. It is pointless to compare yourself to others.

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The idea of bad genetics is subjective.

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FullFatMilk. . Jul 30, 2018 Fortunately, if youre worried your hormones might be out of whack there are things you can do. Answer (1 of 2) How long you have been training There is nothing like bad genetic or something in bodybuilding, it's just pure hard work. In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question How can you know how good your muscle-building genes are Wrist, ankle, and neck measurements What wo. May 9, 2023 A technician displays a used flow cell, which holds DNA for sequencing.

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Specifically, in the arms, this can appear as having shorter muscle insertions, uneven bicep peaks, asymmetrical arms, and even having broken bicep peaks that make the bicep look less aesthetically pleasing.

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Feb 19, 2020 Regardless of your genes you can always improve A LOT with effort and consistency.

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That is bright side, be happe with that because some of those thing can not change.

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