. Gym Workout For Beginners. Day 6 Off. Jan 8, 2023 Day 1 Legs, Arms. .

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The sample womens fat loss workout plan below is a 5-day plan, with 4 days of strength training and one day of cardio.

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Week 1 Monday.

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Gently push the legs up, take the carriages weight, and unlock the safety mechanism. Thursday Upper body 2. Barbell Hip Thrusts. 1-2 min. This simple, yet effective full body workout maximizes fat loss and overall fitness performance. muscleandstrength. 3) Dont stock junk food in the pantry.

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Saturday Lower Body 2.

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The Best 4-Week Muscle Gain Workout Plan.

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Rest 1 minute between rounds.

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Step-up and curl to press.

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